You give vaccines,
we do the rest.
We believe vaccinating shouldn't be hard and it shouldn't be a distraction from what's most important: taking care of the kids.

We manage the complexity of your vaccine
operations at no cost to you

We secure your vaccine margins

We purchase and bill for the vaccines you give, so you don't need to worry about spending thousands of dollars upfront or dealing with insurance plans to get paid in full.

We automate your operations

We handle your end-to-end vaccine operation from inventory management and purchasing, to registry uploads and billing health plans.

We help you provide better care

Our system allows you to easily find kids that have not received their vaccines. We make it easy to follow up, educate them and get them back in the door on time.


We secure your vaccine margins

We order and purchase vaccines

We purchase vaccines on your behalf so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on vaccines every month.

We take care of billing

We manage vaccine billing on your behalf, guaranteeing that you'll get paid for your administrative fees in full.

We negotiate to get you better rates

We use our network of pediatric practices to help you find opportunities for better reimbursement in your fees.


We automate your operations

We automate your vaccine workflow

Our scanning system eliminates the need for manual data entry and uploads vaccine information into state registries.

We oversee your vaccine inventory

Our system tracks and monitors inventory automatically as you use it and we reorder on time, every time!

We enable you to run mass vaccine clinics

Using our scheduling link, you can have your patients book appointments for vaccine clinics. No more phone calls!


We help to provide better care

We are your vaccine record of truth

We provide you a user-friendly view into your patients' complete vaccine records.

We help you close gaps in care

We help you meet your HEDIS metrics and close gaps in care by identifying under-vaccinated kids on your behalf.

We help you run campaigns

We make it easy for you to follow through with your patients that need care by automating your outreach campaigns.

Our goal is to make running a vaccine program  easier and financially sustainable for you.

We primarily support small pediatric practices.

We evolve our product based on the feedback we get from you!

We are here to tackle any challenge your practice may be facing.

Our Pediatrician Network is growing!


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“Canid  has allowed us to make more money and simplify our vaccine program. They held our hand every step  of the way.”

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Dr. Julie Capiola
Founding Physician at Premier Pediatrics

Canid is a true advocate for pediatricians in NYS - their work makes our pediatricians more unified and effective at taking care of our children.

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Katherine Lavigna
Office Manager at RBK Pediatrics

The same weekend that the CDC approved vaccines for children 12 and up, we were able to start giving vaccines to kids in our area. We couldn't have moved as fast without Canid.

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Dr. Rogu

Canid has ensured that we've received vaccine inventory and that we get paid fairly for the work that we're doing. Without Canid, we would not have been able to help kids in our area get vaccinated.

Dr. Sheena Apun

Let’s build the future of pediatrics together!
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