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Canid’s Commitment

We built Canid because we believe vaccinating shouldn't be hard, and it shouldn't be a distraction from what's most important: taking care of the kids. Today's healthcare system is plagued by administrative and financial burden and it's killing private practices, driving the formation of hospital oligopolies. This is bad for patients, doctors, and payers alike.

At Canid, we're driven by the value and importance of supporting private pediatric practices. We are passionate about building solutions that make running a practice’s vaccine program easier and financially sustainable for small pediatric practices.


Our manifesto

We built Canid with one goal: to simplify the pediatrician’s work. Every time that a pediatrician can spend extra time with their patient helping a child grow up healthy instead of entering vaccine information into a screen is a win. Every dollar that they can spend on making parents comfortable instead of hiring a large administrative staff is a win.

In order to save the pediatrician the most amount of time and money, it’s not sufficient to provide yet another tool for their arsenal. They don’t need another method to solve the problem, they simply need the problem solved. We’ve redesigned how the vaccination process works to minimize the touch points with our software as much as possible.

With Canid, pediatricians scan vaccines and give them, that’s it. In the background, Canid does the rest.

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We built Canid with one goal:
simplify the pediatrician’s work.


Our Team

Our team brings together experts in SMB & health tech, with a proven track record of building scalable enterprises. We are passionate and deeply invested in building a better healthcare system - one that works for patients and doctors alike.

Our latest round of funding was joined by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, FJ Labs, On Deck, along with senior leadership at NYC Health + Hospitals, Columbia University, Telenor Health, Segment, Google, & more.

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We are passionate about creating solutions for pediatricians to make running a practice easier and financially sustainable for them.
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